CBD According to High Garden

A passion

High Garden is a CBD producer in the canton of Vaud. We want to accompany our customers in discovering the taste and aromatic peculiarities of the different varieties of CBD cannabis.

The cannabis plant was domesticated more than 6000 years ago. So many years of cultures and selections by man allows us today to enjoy a product with varied and subtle aromas like wine and other products requiring patience, maturation and passion.

Culture de CBD
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Our cannabis

As a cannabis producer, the selection of our varieties was done by us. We have chosen them from the various strains of cannabis with high CBD content in place, in order to offer you products of the highest possible quality. We have our own mother plants from our seeds.

We guarantee that our flowers are 100 natural, with no aromas added and treated organically throughout their growth.


The producer’s know-how

High Garden is a craft business, but it’s a strength. As a small producer we can have constant monitoring and control in order to achieve the best results. We have chosen, at each stage, to select the method guaranteeing the best quality, although these are always the most time-expensive methods. The absence of compromise throughout our production is the only way to guarantee exceptional cannabis.

Our plants are grown on a table in an environment that allows us to pay special attention to each at all stages of their growth. Like the work of the vines, our plants are pruned, cleaned, throughout their growth and even during flowering. We cut the buds down on the plant, as we would with tomato lovers, to maximize the development of some beautiful fruits rather than the amount on each foot.

Our plants are then dried whole, upside down, in our dryer. This method ensures a slow and homogeneous drying of the flowers allowing them to keep their cannabinoids, terpenes and their shape.

Once properly dried, we manually peel each of our flowers with surgical scissors. This method protects the integrity of CBD flowers unlike automatic strippers, but at a high labour cost. It takes an hour of work to peel 50 grams of our Golden Hill variety, which is the easiest variety to peel. In comparison, an automatic stripper can easily peel 5 kg per hour of dry cannabis, or more than 30 kg of wet cannabis! The cost of the final product will obviously be different, but so will the quality.

We take advantage of the peeling to sort our flowers according to strict quality control so that you do not find in our pouches only our most beautiful flowers. The rest will be converted into CBD oil. 

Finally, we store our most beautiful flowers in glass jars for 1 month in order to perfect their curing. All our flowers sold have a minimum curing of 1 month. Curing is the ripening of the plant once dried. This crucial but long step is the final touch of our know-how.

After such great care given to our flowers, we guarantee an eco-responsible semi-rigid mailing, so that you receive our flowers in optimal conditions.

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