Our CBD cannabis varieties

Milky Way

The Milky Waycould have been a descendant of the White Widow and Hazevarieties. It has a hybrid genetics combining the best of Sativa and Indica. The pale, light green chalices are reminiscent of the White Widow, while their fleshy epic structure is reminiscent of the Haze. Careful hand-sweeping preserves their brilliant diamond-like appearance thanks to its highly resinous nature. Its smell and fruity taste are very pleasant in the mouth.

Our CBD Milky Way contains 16% CBD for 0.6% THC.

High Way

The High Way is an Indica hybrid variety with a strong Sativa dominance. The flowers, thanks in particular to their explosive chalices, their purple dress and their orange pistils, are reminiscent of the Kush type. While other cannabis varieties have many natural terpenes, the High Way contains only Beta-Myrcene and Linalool. This high concentration allows a natural floral taste, but powerful and unique. To preserve the shape of the flower which is so special thanks to the structure of the chalices, we peel the whole thing entirely by hand.

Our CBD High Way contains 19% CBD for 0.8% THC.

7.00 CHF180.00 CHF

Check out our High Way variety. It contains 19 CBD and 0.8 THC.


Golden Hill

Our Golden Hill looks like the California Orange Bud with its fire-colored pistils. Its dominant genetics Indica gave it all the characteristics. It also has dense and generous flowers, as well as a powerful smell that will remind you of the canals of beautiful Amsterdam. Its taste on the other hand differs from its older one by its floral notes, but will satisfy your taste buds by rocking you with sweet memories.

Our Golden Hill CBD contains 17% CBD for 0.7% THC.

4.50 CHF270.00 CHF

Discover our Golden Hill variety. It contains 17 CBD and 0.7 THC.



Strawberry is a variety of CBD surprising by the power of its fragrance. Sweet and fruity, Strawberry is a variety that does not leave indifferent our palate. Its small green and bright flowers are also very aesthetic. 

Strawberry contains 7% CBD for 0.3% THC.

6.00 CHF150.00 CHF

Discover the Strawberry. It contains 7% CBD and 0.3% THC.

Original Strain Breeder

We have grown CBD cannabis strains for you from breeders’ seeds from all over the world. This allows you to discover CBD with optimal traceability.

Red Pure Auto CBD®

LaRed Pure Auto CBD® is a variety of CBD cannabis designed by Sweet Seeds®, a Spanish breeder.  

It has a subtly lemony scent, pleasant in the mouth.

The flowers are airy with bright orange pistils. We obtained two different phenotypes, one dark, the other lighter


Highlo is a CBD cannabis strain designed by The House Of The Great Gardener, a Canadian breeder
It has beautiful fleshy flowers and a beautiful green color.

The Highlo CBD strain is not psychoactive. It contains about 14% CBD for 0.6% THC.

6.00 CHF150.00 CHF

Discover the Highlo variety. It contains 14% CBD and 0.6% THC.


Our most beautiful flowers grown outdoors selected by hand. This selection allows you to discover our CBD grown outdoors in permaculture.

Gardener's Choice

Chez High Garden nous transformons normalement notre récolte extérieure de cannabis CBD en huile Full Spectrum. Cette année nous avons sélectionné les plus belles fleurs issues de notre récolte extérieure. Cette sélection Outdoor comporte un mélange de nos trois variétés High Way, Milky Way et la Golden Hill. Vous aurez le plaisir de découvrir jusqu’à trois variétés différentes dans un seul sachet.

12.50 CHF120.00 CHF

Check out our Gardener's Choice selection. A mixture of the most beautiful flowers from the outdoor culture of our three varieties.