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We consider that in order to guarantee optimal cannabis at the taste, olfactory and visual level, it is essential to have its own genetics. So we have selected for you our varieties from a very large sample of the best CBD cannabis. It’s more than a year of effort but the result is incredible!

Our flowers have distinct aromas and a superior quality that also results from a professional culture. They are grown indoors in a fully controlled environment, then dried whole to lose none of their flavour. Finally, we carefully remove their leaves by hand to preserve their precious cannabidiol (CBD).

You can use them for the use that suits you, with the guarantee of a product without additives (aromas, terpenes, etc.), pesticides and chemical fungicides.

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Our CBD Oil

We turn our cannabis flowers into high-concentration CBD oil.

We use the RSO Extract technique to obtain a broad-spectrum oil containing all the cannabinoids and terpenes in our plants. Cold and ethanol extraction keeps our cannabis molecules as good as possible

We want our flowers and their derivatives to be responsible and high quality products. To ensure thiscommitment,  plants for our oils are grown on the coast of Lake Geneva in organic permaculture.
We also use a specialized laboratory to ensure a product that meets strict standards.

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High Way


Control of the production chain is necessary to offer a superior and consistent quality.

All our plants come from our own genetics which ensures total traceability.

We select only the best plants to improve this millennial species. Each crop is tested by an independent laboratory.

expert appraisal

We only use high-quality equipment to  ensure that the products we offer are safe.

Systematic control of our production processes is at the heart of our business.

We make every effort to preserve  our environment. No pesticides or chemical fungicide are used in the cultivation of our hemp.


Strong corporate social and environmental responsibility is needed for a sustainable future.

We promote local trade for all the raw materials we use. We can be sure of their origin and quality.

Our CBD products

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