Why peel down cannabis?

It is important to peel cannabis because the leaves contain very few cannabinoids and terpenes. The leaves are full of chlorophylls and taste bad. Although you may potentially feel the effects of traces of CBD and THC on the leaves, you will have to consume large amounts of it which will be unpleasant.

It is more interesting to peel your cannabis and extract cannabinoids and terpenes from the cutting waste you will get.

When to peel down cannabis?

You must have given time for your cannabis to dry for ten to fifteen days before you start stripping. The branches should crack slightly under the pressure of your fingers, as well as the flowers. But they must not have lost all their moisture and a resistance in the center of the flowers will have to be felt. A crumbling flower will be too dry, and you will have waited too long. Conversely, if the leaves resist when you pull lightly on it with your finger it means that your cannabis is too wet.
We do not recommend faster removal. This will alter your cannabis and cause a bitter and unpleasant taste if you precipitate these steps. Cannabis removed immediately after harvest will dry out too quickly to be refined. The end result will be necessarily poor since the natural cycle of the plant and its biological activity will not be respected.
Just as it is necessary to allow time for refining to create cheese, wine or beer, cannabis must also mature before it can be consumed.
Cannabis can obviously be consumed even if it is not produced under ideal conditions, but each compromise will lower the final rendering.

To educate you on the subject we let you read the article “How to dry cannabis?”

What equipment does it take to remove cannabis?

To remove cannabis, we recommend using small, precise scissors, such as surgical scissors. The thinner your blades, the more you can reach the stems in the center of the flowers from which the leaves leave. If your scissors are not thin enough, you can only even the outside of the flower. However, inside there will remain leaves, small stems and other waste that will have an unattractive green matter/cannabinoid ratio.
That’s why a manual stripping will always be better than an automatic stripping. Indeed, the strippers will only polish the outside of your flowers. They will leave a significant amount of green matter in the heart of the flowers.

surgical scissors

Also equip yourself with gloves. Cannabis at this point is very sticky, and your fingers will be coated with pollen. This will make handling your flowers very quickly uncomfortable and you may deposit dirt on your flowers. Don’t hesitate to change gloves regularly for better hygiene.

We also advise you to peel over a container in which you collect all the leaves and waste that you will cut. So, once the stripping is finished, you can easily recover this raw material. You can then store it in a food bag to transform it in a second time. You can use this “trim,” as it is called in English, to make Marrakesh butter,honey hash or cbd oil. In short, depending on your desires and the material you have at your disposal, there are dozens of ways to use your flawetting residues and consume them in a more pleasant way than by smoking them in a joint. To ensure that this trim is of good quality, do not keep the branches or yellow leaves.

How do I peel cannabis?

Don’t hesitate to clean your flowers properly. The less residue there is left, the better your flowers will taste. Also, if you recover all the waste correctly, you will have no loss of cannabinoids, so don’t be shy. With your scissors, try to reach the stem as close as possible to the central branch of the flower. Don’t just peel the leaves on the outside. If your flowers break when you try to handle them by precisely peeling them, it probably means that your flowers are too dry.

Stripping is a long and laborious stage in cannabis cultivation. In California, where it is easy to hire teams of professional strippers, they announce that they are able to peel 50 grams per hour. At High Garden, it’s also the time it takes us to peel away the Golden Hill,our easiest variety to peel.

How do I keep my cannabis once I’m stripped?

Once properly removed, you can curing your cannabis. The last stage of cannabis cultivation. This stage of cannabis refining can take anywhere from 1 to 6 months, and will allow you to store your cannabis for up to two years before it begins to degrade.

We advise you to keep your cannabis in a glass jar of food quality. It is also best to buy Boveda sachets in order to keep your cannabis at a humidity of about 60. Ideally you will need to open your jar once a day for about ten minutes to ventilate it.

Under these conditions, your cannabis will not only be perfectly preserved, but matura for many months. This will allow him to gain cannabinoids and terpenes, and to reach his level of excellence.

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