How to consume CBD?


There are plenty of ways to consume CBD, whether you’re a smoker or not. Cannabis is not reserved for those who ride it in cigarettes.
If you want to use CBD for medical reasons, we recommend that you talk to your doctor about it beforehand.


How do I use CBD flowers?

How do I smoke CBD flowers?

You can use flowers to roll a cigarette, with or without tobacco. This is the most common way to consume CBD, but it is not recommended for health reasons. IT is also possible to dispose of CBD crystals on tobacco. Be careful though, CBD oil cannot be used this way.
To smoke CBD, you have to crumble the cannabis flowers with your hands, a chopper, or at best a grinder – or a grinder.

You can also use a pipe, or a water pipe to smoke your crumbling CBD flower.

How do I spray CBD?

Instead of inhaling cannabis smoke, it is possible to breathe the fumes only. By heating your CBD, in flowers or crystals, you can inhale the cannabinoids without burning your raw material. This technique, softer and less aggressive, is becoming more and more popular. Originally only expensive devices were available for sale, but this has evolved. There are portable and inexpensive vaporizers that are also intended to consume other natural herbs. The newspaper Le Temps tested the vaporizers for you in this article. If you use a vaporizer, we advise you to refer to our table of boiling points of different cannabinoids. This allows you to choose the exact temperature at which you want to heat your cannabis in order to enjoy the benefits of specific molecules.


How to cook CBD?

it is possible to ingest CBD cannabis. It is best to mix it with fat, as they allow to better assimilate the CBD molecule. Whether you have plants, oil, or CBD crystals, mix them with butter, to make cakes, or in a milk tea. We give you several recipes based on cannabis. You can learn how to make Marrakesh butter or cannabis oil. 

Visit our article“How to cook cannabis?”to understand all the intricacies of this activity.


How to use CBD oil?

The easiest way is to put the drops under the tongue. This technique called sublingual allows cannabinoids to penetrate directly into the body via the mucous membranes and act quickly. The oil should be left in your mouth for a while.
If CBD oil is directly swallowed, it will be necessary to wait for digestion to occur to feel the effects. It may take a hour or more to take effect.

To cook our CBD oil,we must take into account that it is diluted in olive oil and promote recipes where it would dilute.
It should not be smoked, as CBD oil is always based on vegetable oil (Olive, Coco, MCT), it becomes toxic when consumed.

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