How do I start germination of cannabis seeds?

Germinate a cannabis seed is the first step in a plant’s life cycle.


Step 1

Select your cannabis seeds and take a dome for each.

Cannabis seeds are regular, or feminized. Regular seeds are either male or female. In this case we advise you to throw several seeds at the same time to be sure to have at least one female foot, since it is the female plants that make flowers containing cannabinoids and terpenes. All the seeds you have harvested yourself are regular seeds. Feminized seeds must be purchased from a seed bank.

Germinate each seed separately, this will facilitate the next difficult step, planting.


Step 2

Place paper towels folded in four on a dome. Don’t put the seed on it yet.


Step 3

Put tap water in a spray. Lightly moisten the paper towel. It is important that the paper is not soaked, just wet.

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Step 4

Put your seed in the middle of your paper towel.


Step 4

Your seed is deposited on the paper towel that is moistened, but not soaked.

Step 5

Place a second paper towel over your seed. You would have previously folded it in four like the first.

Step 6

Lightly spray the second paper towel. Again, you only have to moisten it, and not soak it.

Step 7

Cover with a second dome turned upside down.

Then keep your plant out of the light. The seeds will only germinate if it is not too cold. If you have any, you can put your seeds in a small heated greenhouse made for.
If you don’t have a heated greenhouse, refrain from putting your seeds near an overly powerful heat source like a radiator. Keep the seed moist and you will need to sprinkle it with water very (too) regularly. Choose a warmer area of the house, close to electronic equipment for example. Keep in the light of the plants, in the dark. So don’t put them under a lamp.


Step 8

Monitor the moisture in your absorbent papers and water accordingly. You must keep the plant in a slight stable humidity.


Step 9

Once sprouted, gently put your seed in the ground.

Once sprouted, the seed should be put in the ground. If the germ (root) is very small, put it up. Indeed, it will curl as in the photo above, and thus sink into the earth.
If you’ve waited a bit (as pictured), put the root down in the ground, the seed on top.
Take tweezers, for example, to move it gently without tightening. This step is probably the most delicate, be careful.

How long does it take for a cannabis seed to germinate?

A cannabis seed can germinate (open) overnight. You will see a white filament (a root) coming out of the seed.
At most, a cannabis seed should take no more than three days to germinate. If this is the case, we advise you to start over with new seeds.

Why doesn’t my cannabis seed germinate?

1. A poor quality seed

Not all cannabis seeds are mature when the plant has been cut, or its seeds harvested.

2. A poorly preserved seed

If you bought them, keep your seeds in their original packaging until used. The seeds should be kept dry, in the dark, without too much temperature variation. Avoid storing your cannabis in a shed or the temperature varies greatly between day and night. A cellar can do the trick.
If you haven’t bought your seeds, keep them the same way preferably in a plastic pooch that closes (zip).

3. You’ve wet the seed too much

If the paper is soaked, the seed drowns. Cannabis remains an earthly plant that needs oxygen to live. It should not be trapped in a water bubble. Repeat with less water.

4. The environment is too dry

If, on the contrary, you have approached your seed from a heat source and have not watered it enough, the seed will dry out and will not germinate.
This can also happen if you simply haven’t moistened your seed enough, even if it was in an adequate environment.

How do you train to germinate cannabis seeds at a lower cost?

We advise you to buy tomato or bean seeds. They are not very expensive and you will learn how to manage the temperature ratio, sunshine.
It’s also a very good learning experience for the future. Once the seed is out of the ground, you will learn to avoid making it tiger by providing it with an adequate source of heat and light.

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